Test genético. Prevención para tu bienestar

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Discover your genetic predisposition to diseases so that you can prevent them and, therefore, enhance your health.
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What to do to lose weight? The answer is in your genes. Nutrigenetics will tell you what kind of food best fits your body in order to feel much better.
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Improve your performance by learning how your genetics influences your sports practice.

Tan fácil como coger una muestra de saliva con el bastoncillo que te enviamos. En unas 4 semanas te facilitaremos el acceso a tu informe genético profesional digital que te ayudará a mejorar tu salud en muy poco tiempo, a través de una tabla con más de 750 alimentos y cómo estos influyen en tu organismo según tus estudio genético. Con esta tabla, la más completa del mercado y muy fácil de entender, podrás facilitar a tu organismo aquellos alimentos que más necesita, ayudando a prevenir enfermedades o afecciones como la hipertensión, propensión a engordar, diabetes, colesterol, triglicéridos, algunas cardiopatías, etc , a través de los alimentos que mejor asimila o más necesita tu cuerpo.


“Our advances in the study of genetics and their practical application in the health field is helping contribute to the fight against disease, since a better understanding of a person’s genetic predisposition to develop conditions will help achieve improvements in health”.

Following a number of years of research and development, it has been demonstrated that genetic testing constitutes one of the principal tools in the prevention of disease.

The principal aim of our project is to improve quality of life by putting at the disposal of thousands of people all over the world the means to carry out a non-invasive test and use the guidance from the results to follow a healthy nutritional plan.

The rapid advance in genetics has transformed clinical practice and our own vision for fighting disease.



Why choose Genyuss?

We are Pioneers
Yes, WE ARE pioneers in the development of genetic testing, linking the results of this testing with a table of food items. After 4 years of research, we have devised the only genetic test which links the results to more than 700 food elements from any diet in any country.
Personalised attention
People are becoming more and more interested and informed about how to optimise their nutrition, realising that following a diet which is balanced, healthy and appropriate for their lifestyle will help them feel well on the inside as well as out.
Better quality of life
We provide guidance on nutrition at the different stages of life. Our objective is to provide advice to individuals on the correct foods with the right nutrients which will make improvements to health and help prevent disease.


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you will be familiar with this type of promise. However, what Genyuss does is help you understand your genetics and link your genetic results with the most appropriate foods to include in your diet. This information will help you avoid making any more mistakes.

Your body will respond well to having the burden lifted; your bones, muscles and joints will be rejuvenated. You will also significantly reduce your risk of suffering coronary disease, diabetes type 2, hypertension and stroke.
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Genyuss provides genetic testing which will enable you to learn about what you are eating, whether your body is absorbing the nutrients efficiently and be better able to avoid problems associated with any deficit in your essential micronutrients. Find out more


Any type of physical exercise involves an increase in energy consumption in proportion with how intense the particular activity is and how long you do it. This requires a considerable supplementary energy contribution.

If you are involved in sport you will need a diet which is balanced, varied and appropriate for your needs, providing both energy and the right nutrients.

Micronutrients are substances that the body requires in small amounts in order to stay healthy. They provide energy to the body by contributing to specific physiological processes related to sports performance. They include vitamins and minerals.
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Frequently asked questions

+ How is the test done?
The test is carried out simply by taking a sample of epithelial tissue from the inside of the cheek (buccal cavity) with a cotton bud or swab.

Brush your teeth one hour before taking the simple. Do not use any kind of mouthwash.

From this point and until you take the simple, do not eat drink, smoke or chew gum.

Rinse your mouth twice with plenty of water and wash your hands thoroughly with soap when taking the sample. Open the package and remove the device without touching the foam head or the pink card. Insert the foam head under the tongue (do not rub) until it is moistened.

Move the foam head on the inside of the cheek at least 20 times, rubbing in different directions to cover as much of the area as possible (do not rub the same place continuously). Repeat the process inside the other cheek with the same device.
+ What information is provided in the test?
In contrast to other available tests, GENYUSS is the most advanced and specific genetic test on the market. In selecting a genetics test you should reject imitations that do not give genuine information about your results.

With GENYUSS you will obtain results that will be valid throughout your life.


The human genome is made up of many polymorphisms in the genes. The genotype is the genetic information present in each individual, or in other words, the information which is contained in your chromosomes.

The genotype and the environmental factors which influence the DNA determine the characteristics which define each individual.

Using the information from your test you will learn how the assimilation of the different macro and micronutrients works and will learn about any predisposition you might have for developing certain illnesses. Your results will contain a table of more than 700 foods (adapted for your country) so that you can use your personalised results to follow a suitable diet.

+ Can the test be done at any age?
Yes, the test can be done at any age, given that it is a non-invasive test which is carried out with a cotton bud or swab.

Our test can be carried out even in young children given that the information provided will not change throughout the life of the person being tested.

The GENYUSS test and its application to older people

Preventing age-related illnesses

Optimisation of nutrition in preventing malnutrition in older people.

In more advanced years people are often susceptible to digestive problems and nutritional disturbances due to deficiencies or change of habits. Genetics can define these problems and help identify how to resolve the issue.

GENYUSS and its application in children’s health

The knowledge we contribute about genetics helps optimise this as an innovative resource  with the aim of helping achieve optimal nutrition for children.

Genetic information and the means of linking this with all types of food helps to detect a particular predisposition a child might have to developing intolerance to lactose and gluten, which can cause colic to the infant, preventing them from optimal growth and development.
+ What is SNP?
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is the slight variation in the sequence of DNA from one person to another which may increase or decrease a person’s risk of developing a specific illness or condition.
+ What is genetic predisposition?
Genetic predisposition is the probability of a person to develop a disease or specific health condition, compared to the population as a whole.
+ What technology does Genyuss use?
The test is analysed using SNP genotyping, the technology comprises a robust automated system of analysis of variants in genes, enabling an analysis of up to 12,288 reactions in one single process efficiently and precisely, with a high degree of reliability in the results.

It comprises magnification in real time of specific fragments of DNA where there are significant genetic variants, using high specification Taqman probes.

The data file produced by the analysis is interpreted by an information platform which is the outcome of the sector’s latest technological and robotic advances. This generates a report containing results, conclusions and recommendations.

The study is designed to be carried out selecting the most relevant polymorphisms for the purpose, taken from multiple scientific publications and meta-analysis.
+ Can the test be done anywhere in the world?
Yes. With GENYUSS not only can the test be carried out anywhere in the world, but you can also choose the nutritional table with foods typical to the country where you live. GENYUSS is the only genetic test which lists more than 700 foods from any diet and any country.
+ How is Genyuss different from the other tests that can be bought from the Internet?
We are the pioneers in developing genetic tests which link the results to a table of foods containing 500 items. We have spent 4 years researching and observing the growing trends in the sector, we have conducted research and development to improve our scientific studies to further our principal goal which is to IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF PEOPLE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR GENETICS.
+ If my results say that I have some kind of predisposition to develop a condition is it certain that I will get it?
The results will indicate the level of predisposition you have to specific pathologies that are analysed in the test, but there is no certainty that you will develop the condition.

Do you have any question?

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